About Us

We are all living in the digital age where technology is an integral part of all our lives whether that be for business, learning, social or personal pursuits.

Cyber Hive Technology is on a mission to better protect everyone from cyber criminals.

We do this by providing engaging, interactive, educational, straightforward online cyber training solutions that is affordable and suits everybody, regardless of technical ability.

By empowering you with knowledge, Cyber Hive Technology will help keep you safer in this digital world, so that you can continue using the tools you need and enjoy with more confidence.

How we help

We know that people at all levels of an organisation from Board Directors to CEOs, CISOs and IT teams, feel overwhelmed by the complex, costly and ever-changing nature of cyber security. At Cyber Hive Technology we aim to simply cyber security. Here is how we can help you….


    • Protect against unknown and ever evolving threats
    • Protect against potential damage to critical assets
    • Protect data, yours and your customers
    • Better protect your reputation from damage
    • Protect your employees in the workplace and at home


      • Improve reliability and accuracy of systems and processes
      • Improve company wide operational policies and activities
      • Improve cyber remediation activities
      • Improve employee knowledge
      • Improve employee productivity
      • Improve cyber reporting to senior management and board
      • Reduce costs

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