About Us.

Cyber Hive Technology is on a mission to better protect everyone from cybercrime.
We do this with our interactive learning platform that delivers effective and affordable education and behavior change for businesses wanting to improve the protection of their people and information from cyber incidents.

As the world relies increasingly on cloud-based technology to manage business operations and store data, incidents of cybercrime are on the rise costing Australian businesses $33 billion as reported in FY2020/21. And that’s just in business alone.

While we’re all spending more time online for social interactions and shopping, we’re all at risk of our private data being stolen by cyber criminals.

By knowing the essentials of cyber safety, we can all make small changes to better protect ourselves and our businesses against cybercrime.

Cyber Hive’s easy and engaging online training is the perfect solution for everyone to be more cyber street-smart in a digital world.

We know that people at all levels of an organisation from Board Directors to CEOs, CISOs and IT teams, feel overwhelmed by the complex, costly and ever-changing nature of cyber security. At Cyber Hive Technology we aim to simplify cyber security. Here is how we can help you….

  • Protect against unknown and ever evolving threats
  • Protect against potential damage to critical assets
  • Protect data, yours and your customers
  • Better protect your reputation from damage
  • Protect your employees in the workplace and at home
  • Improve reliability and accuracy of systems and processes
  • Improve company wide operational policies and activities
  • Improve cyber remediation activities
  • Improve employee knowledge
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Improve cyber reporting to senior management and board
  • Reduce costs

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