Today, the world is connected intricately in a thin web of digitised routes for communication. With this evolution, there is a multitude of threats that have adapted according to the hyperactive environment of enterprises.

Just like human viruses, these external threats to security and data breaches evolve with time, take on a different form and attack in an entirely new way.

To remain staunch and secure in a vulnerable business environment, companies require a powerful, all-inclusive and adaptable security solution, that doesn’t just cater to one agent, but rather a group of them.

CYE, together with Cyber Hive Technology, now serves enterprises across Australia and New Zealand in providing a holistic organisational cybersecurity solution that’s customised to a company’s unique requirements.

You need a Red team to wave the red flag

Red teaming in cyberspace is defined as a full-scope of multi-layered attack simulation that helps determine the organisation’s capabilities of defence in the face of a real attack. Like a red flag, the red team performs “ethical hacking” that is done by an independent security team to gauge how well an organisation or enterprise will fare and whether a multitude of threats arrive in a flood. It’s a trial phase that’s incremental to the testing of the company’s existing security controls, allowing them to improve accuracy and reliability, to ultimately make life easier for Chief Information Security Officers (CISO’s) of any organisation.

The red teaming exposes vulnerabilities and risks by posing threats to the following aspects:

Including information, networks, applications, routers, appliances, etc., using phishing and other cybercrimes relevant to information and technology

Humans of a said organisation, including independent contractors, business partners, department management and even clients/customers.

Including warehouses, offices, data centres, substations and remote working locations.

The red team sources ways to break into a computer system, leveraging one or more of the abovementioned entry points, to recognise the loopholes in an organisation’s cybersecurity shield, ultimately resulting in a detailed plan to shore up your future defences.

What makes us the best

Upscaling your cybersecurity with numbers

Cyber Hive Technology has collaborated with premium cybersecurity professionals, CYE, to dramatically boost any company’s existing security measures and improve their posture, with disruptive ideas and market leading data-driven practical solutions.

CYE’s red team goes the extra mile of leveraging social engineering, network penetration, and elements of surprise, to pose a simulated attack on the servers, utilising data to do all of this and so much more. They clearly expose business assets that need improved protection and highlight other critical issues that may well have gone unnoticed. CYE utilises extensive cyber knowledge and experience to predict risks, monitor your security systems, and keep you safe from prevalent threats, by undertaking tailored cybersecurity measures for your organisation.

Using the data collected, CYE allows your business to achieve maximum cybersecurity maturity by evolving with time, improving risk prevention, and adapting according to the shifting attack vectors used by cyber criminals. This in turn simplifies remediation activities, aligns your business’s security according to your objectives, and helps you invest in resources more cost-effectively.

CYE operates with industry experts, most of whom were part of the Israeli
Defense Force Red Team, and is trusted by Fortune 500 companies like GE,
Philips, Generali, Zurich Insurance, UniCredit and Novartis.

CYE is now available in Australia.

Optimise your data protection, reclaim control of cybersecurity and restrengthen your susceptible areas with CYE.