Is your organisation at risk of external threat actors? Are you constantly attacked by malware, phishing, DDoS attacks and/or ransomware? Cyber Hive Technology with IntSights offers a comprehensive protection suite against all external risks to your system.

External forces have emerged fast in digital realms

Digitalisation has brought unprecedented convenience to businesses today, and at the same time, increased risks. With confidential data onboarded, threat actors find it explicitly easy to hack valuable information. Security of data, therefore in today’s ultra-automated and technology-oriented era, has become much more than an essential component to any organisation. Always at high risk of a breach and/or some form of cyberattack, it may potentially become the key to your business’ ultimate downfall. Fake profiles, fraudulent domains, and malicious takeovers are powerful external threats that need smart intelligence to be identified, detected, and eliminated, before any reputational damage can be done.

What's the solution to external threats?

Threat intelligence is a powerful tool against external forces trying to pry on your company’s confidential information. IntSights is the industry-leading cybersecurity providing service for companies at risk in Australia and New Zealand. Aimed at customising a holistic approach to upkeep your brand’s cybersecurity and mitigate alarming actors, including domain abuse, phishing pages, and social media hijacking, to name a few; IntSights provides evidence-based knowledge of contexts – such as who the attacker is, their motivations, your capabilities in resolving attacks, and possible indicators in your system.

Using IntSights from the services of Cyber Hive Technology, you can make informed decisions regarding the incoming attack. External threat intelligence with IntSights offers the following in one intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard.


Domain monitoring- keeping a watchful eye on your domains.

Open-source intelligence – helping you make informed decisions about accessible data in publicly available sources, including social media (social-media intelligence).

Human intelligence – one of the incremental realms in an external threat intelligence product which provides context to understand the what, who, when, where, and how in the cyberattack.

Technical and other deep-web intelligence – data-driven knowledge against the menace, hazards, and suspicious actors originating from technical points and the overall realm.

IntSights- Cyber Hive Technology, Australia: Mitigating Threats

If you think you can operate without external threat intelligence monitoring your systems in this day and age, think again. The dark web is an ever-evolving threat, and digital criminals are on the rise. They are a brute force that are going to continue to hammer into your systems again and again – thousands of times per second if necessary – until they finally gain access. Besides persistence, these threats are brilliantly coded and do not rest.

Once they do get access, they dive in, remain disguised and keep extracting information. This can take weeks or months, or as long as is necessary for the hackers to get what they want, and they are usually not discovered until it’s too late. Companies are more vulnerable to external threats than internal ones. With open sources, a daily flood of data with extraneous information, and a shortage of skilled professionals, devious external threat actors can bring irreparable harm to your company’s confidential details and reputation.

Allow IntSights from Cyber Hive Technology, to be integrated with your existing solutions and help you make intelligent security decisions with context that smartly connects the dots of your critical indicators.