Have you ever thought that in an attempt to make access to data more fluid, you’re actually making the endpoints of your organisation more porous than ever before? In cyberspace, this is called a violation of data at the perimeters of an organisation network, comprising of end-user devices such as laptops, mobiles and Wi-Fi.

Minerva’s endpoint security solution, in collaboration with Cyber Hive Technology, aims to provide a unique and patented endpoint security patrol, that prevents evasive threats, regardless of the size and skill set of your team, for all organisations in Australia.

What is endpoint security and why do you need it?

Endpoint security refers to securing the endpoints – or points of access – to the enterprise network, but at the same time, they create an entry point for malicious software and pre-emptive attacks. An increase in the number of access points is inevitable in any growing business; the work-from-home culture with employees connecting over Wi-Fi makes the perimeters of network security much vulnerable than before. Previously, network threats were more common than endpoints. Nowadays, a flood of malicious software is threatening the endpoints of companies that, in turn, has rendered the usual centralised network protection obsolete.

Servers, laptops and desktops are at high risk of being breached. On top of this, no single solution can help the company keep their endpoints undisturbed – it requires a multi-layered defence with a combination of hardware and software to protect, not only the endpoints, but also with a vice-like grip on the perimeters, and the networks inside of it. An incorrectly configured endpoint solution applied can enable threats to bypass the perimeters and institute outside malice within the environment. Your network security, if you have one in place, will be easily undone in this case.

Minerva: the dominating force for endpoint security

Cyber Hive Technology is a complete cybersecurity solution provider for organisations in Australia battling with the dark web and threatening actors. Minerva, in collaboration with Cyber Hive Technology is industry-leading in offering unmatched endpoint protection. This has stemmed from their deep-rooted knowledge, along with experience obtained, from serving in elite cyber forces. No matter how large the threat, how malicious the software, or how known or unknown it is within the organisation, Minerva.

Multi-layered prevention tool is deposited at the endpoints of the enterprise and provides maximum control over devices operated within the organisation and remotely. Importantly, it neutralises the environment such that the attack is deceived prior to its execution phase. Minerva employs advanced cyber warfare techniques, including active camouflage, active deception, isolation, virtual patching, vaccination, and deterrence via other anti-evasion tactics. If you’re based in Australia or New Zealand and looking to get an all-inclusive endpoint security solution, Minerva is the premium Gartner “cool vendor” for your organisation.

Anti- Malware safeguards for Remote Users

Minerva’s Install-free Remote User Protection (RUP) software protects unmanaged endpoint
devices (BYOD) that are connecting to organizations throughout the entire remote session from malware and non-malware-based attacks. Minerva’s RUP is configured as part of the remote connection’s security policy that is activated when the user attempts to initiate the remote connection without requiring the user to reboot and without interfering with other security tools or software on the system and doesn’t require any type of installation or any special permissions thus, the install-free agent will run with the user session permissions that are executing the remote session and will prevent any attacks during that session.

Secure your end-user devices, network points, and endpoints of your organisation with Minerva from Cyber Hive Technology, Australia.

Block all types of data leaks and losses before it's too late.