We’ve curated a selection of best-of-breed tools, some of which have been created for us by trusted partners.

This provides a modular, fit-for-purpose approach, which means you’ll only ever use the tools that are right for your business.



Rigorously and proactively defend your brand’s reputation in the clear, deep and dark online world with tailored phishing intelligence

IntSights provides real time threat visibility. Easily remediate against malicious apps, social media, website phishing and online scams.

Protect your customers from brand impersonation and fraud.

Protect your brand’s most important assets: brand names, logos, loyalty programs, trademarks, copyrights.

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XM Cyber

Ensure your physical and cloud based critical assets are secured by improving your security posture.

XM Cyber’s automatic breach and attack simulation, continuously assesses, identifies and resolves security gaps on your businesses critical assets.

XM Cyber is attack centric, it assumes an attack and continuously calculates every potential attack path with automated red teams.

By prioritising attack centric exposures based on impact, you prioritise remediation activities and reduce real risks efficiently.

Multiple award winning technology founded by top executives from the Israeli cyber intelligence community.

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Real word security assessments and readiness by combining a Saas platform with artificial intelligence and professional services delivered by world leading security experts.

CYE’s engine identifies the most cost-effective ways to disconnect the maximum amount of critical attack routes based on their potential business impact.

Focus on attack routes rather than vulnerability lists.

Reveal your exposures by understanding your vendors risks and benchmarking against industry standards.

CYE’s measurable results show the complete picture of your security posture so you can focus your efforts and achieved measured improvements.

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Endpoint cyber security

Effective against evasive malware, trojans, fileless attacks, ransomware, crypto miners, viruses, worms, spyware, APTs, malicious links and more.

Pre-emptive defense by making the malware believe it is in an unattractive / hostile environment to attack, thereby reducing the malware motivation to attack and chance of infection.

Proactive defense that dynamically responds to threats as that evolve based on current detected stage of compromise and changing outcomes of attack.

System wide protection with pinpoint handling by only handling unknown processes

Lightweight, easy to use, quick to deploy, low resource consumption, highly reliable and stable.

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