It was disastrous news for barbecues, but even worse news for the 11,000 JBS workers in Australia, with thousands, stood aside as the company worked to get its systems back online.

This week, meat production in Australia and North America at the world’s largest abattoir company, JBS, was interrupted after a ransomware attack, which the company believes came from Russia.

Agriculture Minister David Littleproud had a briefing from American law enforcement yesterday about the JBS attack.

“This is just a criminal act and obviously we’re working through that to get an understanding of the extent and who’s perpetrated it and then obviously we’ll work with our international partners to hunt them down and to bring them to account,” the Minister said.

Australia’s cyber agencies have not hit back at the criminal group responsible for the cyberattack on the Nine Network but they were able to warn two other entities they were about to become victims of a similar onslaught. There was a piece done around this attack, which you can find here How do cyber attacks happen and why was Nine hacked? ( and Eastern Health was severely affected around the same time.

There have been calls for a national ransomware strategy that would include mandatory reporting when victims pay ransoms, which we covered here (99+) Post | Feed | LinkedIn

There has also been a plethora of other recent high-profile attacks in Australia, including on the NSW Labor Party, several hospitals in Queensland & Victoria, and Universities.

The Australian Government has laid out some advice around avoiding ransomware attacks here Ransomware | And if you’d like more specific advice for your company/personal situation, please go to Cyber Hive | We make cyber simple or email us directly [email protected]