Effective training requires a flexible environment that can adapt to the trainee and the requirements of your unique situation.

Cyber Hive is proud to bring to market one of the most powerful, and flexible, cyber training platforms in the world: CYBERPRO.


Powerful Cyber
Training Platform

Designed by one of the pioneers of the cyber range industry, CYBERPRO provides complete flexibility to design training programs for all levels of cyber skillsets.

cyber training
intelligent attack

Attack Generator

Traditional cyber ranges are limited in that, as basic simulators, the attacks are always the same, resulting in a training experience that is only useful on the first run through. CYBERPRO instead is designed to use an AI engine within the attack generator that can make every training session unique.

Cloud or

Previously only the largest organisations could afford the significant investment required to build a cyber range. With CYBERPRO, hands-on cyber training is now available to everyone. Book sessions on the CYBERPRO cloud instance or deploy onto your own infrastructure – be that physical or cloud.


Use your own tools

It’s important that your team learn to defend against attacks using the same tools that they will have available to them in their production environment. CYBERPRO allows organisations to augment the training platform with the same vendors they have already made


Flexible Curriculum

CYBERPRO includes a wide range of training scenarios for your teams to start with, however the true power of the platform is the ability to build your own scenarios. Using a powerful scenario editor, with a drag-and-drop interface, cyber managers can tailor existing scenarios, or build new ones from scratch.

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